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2 hours ago, Ollie said:

He was doing exactly what his manager asked of him, and to be fair, other than the attempted lob aside,  you wouldn't have known Christie was playing. 

It wasn't a criticism of him, it was blatantly obvious what he was asked to do, that's the point. We knew Christie was playing because his movement is excellent. When you man mark him, he just shifts out of the game, leaving huge space for others. Take the goal, McRorie was miles up the park, Ferguson is two on one in midfield. In any other game, Campbell would have stepped in slightly (his positioning is very good, he reads the game incredibly well) and been there to close Turnbull, leaving Christie with the option to either pull back, thus buying us time, or move towards Considine, leaving a difficult pass for McGregor. Under instruction, Campbell stays wide. I simply don't think we can afford the man out of midfield in that way, I think it was a poor call. He did the job he was asked very well. Overall, I think he's had a decent last few games and I'd like to think he'll keep his place in the team. He's as good as Ryan Jack was at his age and I think he has the potential to go further. With a three man midfield, I hope we see him let off the leash a little (as should have happened last night in my opinion), as I do believe McInnes restricts that type of midfielder to safe passing and covering rather than pushing forward. I think he's a better passer than Ferguson, but I don't know if we'll get to see that in our system. 

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On 17/02/2021 at 18:55, RicoS321 said:

He needs a rocket at half time, because he's better than he gives himself credit for. 

To add to above, when I said he needed a rocket, it wasn't because he was playing poorly, it was because he needs the encouragement to make that run he did in the first half (and the one where Kamberi didn't square to him) far more often. That should have been used as the catalyst for him to stamp himself on games, to show him that he can do it against strong opponents. Really big him up and give the freedom and confidence to show what he can do. Again, I'm not sure he'll get that in our system.


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