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Next Match: Scottish Cup - Aberdeen v Livingston

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County vs. Dons

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5 hours ago, RicoS321 said:

Yep. Fucking awful. I'd argue that McRorie was the worst of the two. He's been poor since getting covid. After going 3-1 down, there was a moment Ferguson came deep to get the ball, McRorie came tanking deep alongside him instead of taking it up the pitch. I know the idea is that the wide players go forward, but at two down in 85 minutes you have to be intelligent enough to make better runs. He spent a lot of today hiding, whereas Ferguson was just pish at passing and crossing (and what the fuck is with putting him on free kicks and corners?). The game was lost when Hayes went off. We could, and should have comfortably scored two or three today with the chances we had but Main and Cosgrove were rank and Anderson didn't touch the ball when he came on. Luckily it's an absolute rarity that we're that shite at the back.

McCrorie allegedly left ground on crutches with ankle issue.

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Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face. We need every point we can get given next season's potential European incentive The only thing we should be doing at present is playing

Looking forward to this one, think we'll give them a doing. Not sure about the lineup, expect McInnes will play the same one touted for the Livingston game which I think will be very stuffy with three

Tup min, you're turning this into classic McCarthyism 😉

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1 hour ago, Jute said:

I seriously doubt we can afford to pay up his contract with 18 months to go. 

Exactly this. We can’t afford to sack, nobody is interested in him at present, and he’s got no interest in walking away I’d assume...

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