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I'm just wondering and this is a long shot but back on Saturday August 4th 2007 three Aberdeen fans looked after me before and after our 1-0 loss to Dundee United.  I believe their names began with a D, P, S, as I called them Dex, Pedro, Silky in a story we wrote about that day as it took an unexpected turn after we declined their offer to go back to Aberdeen with them to drown our sorrows.  They took me to The Centenary Bar before game and Old Bank Bar before train home where I bought a round for us all as a thank you.     

I also could have got picked up by my Mam at Waverley as she was in Western General Hospital with my step-father but getting back to Scottish Borders incorporated me helping an American girl get to Duns (where I still live) who was stranded in Edinburgh Bus Station.  She was only part of my life for just over three hours but we wrote a story called 'phiLEEdelphia' based on this experience as she was from West Chester, Philadelphia.  Lee was obviously stuck in a situation with a girl from said state.  I thought one adding an extra 'e' was quite cool of us.  She was only 20 years old and myself 27 years old. 

Eleven years after said random meeting she married a cricketer called Liam Plunkett who played for Durham and would go on to become a 2019 World Cup Winner!!  She was in early stages of dating him when we met although only found that out after reconnecting on Facebook two years after initial bonding.  This story took me about six days to compile and is around 4,500 words long but do I update story to include she would go on to marry a famous sportsman??  It nearly got published in 2013 where a potential second book deal was offered to me.  I turned it down after publisher got funny with us regarding editing deadline as was watching Mam die from Secondary Lung Secondary Brain Cancer at time.   

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37 minutes ago, SeeBass said:

What how to find the three Aberdeen fans who looked after me?!?!?!  

Patently not that question.

Your other one about her husband obviously Girl Reaction GIF

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