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Next Match:  Hamilton v Aberdeen

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I moved away from other Aberdeen sites to avoid petty bickering, point-scoring, numbnut shite and now it's creeping in here. Mods, please kill this now or I'll probably slowly lose interest if I have

If we had 5 subs every week, he could fix all his mistakes 👍🏽

I'm not certain that Hoban will be asked to play again so soon. The guy has been out for 18 months or so and should be eased in gently. The highlight of last night for me was him getting suc

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Christ on a bike, that was rotten again. Nobody putting their foot on the ball. Always looking for a second ball. How are Hayes, Wright and Kennedy supposed to feed off that and create anything?


p.s I still think Kennedy isn’t better than McLennan.

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Piss poor again. Long ball shite is clearly  not working. Watkins looks every inch a winger playing centre forward. Not overly impressed with Red TV so far. Hopefully better 2nd half. 

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2 minutes ago, redordead said:

Picture was too poor to tell if it really was.

Definitely a penalty.

No sign of complaints from their players to be honest

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