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Decision Making Argument

Do we want VAR in Scottish Football??  

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  1. 1. Do we want VAR in Scottish Football??

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I'd have it for offside and goal line only.


Why? There's about two or three goal line controversies in a single season in the SPL. Even the offsides are few and far between, and the game isn't enhanced by waiting 2 minutes to disallow a goal because some cunt's knee was beyond the defender. Do we really need the level of accuracy provided by VAR for offside? Can we not just accept that when a decision is close then the linesman's decision is good enough? Far better than sitting around waiting for a decision to be made before the spontaneous celebrations can begin.


Fuck var, it's for dicks.

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I think it could work but like the saying goes, its only as good as the people using it.


At the world cup there was a stipulation that it was only to be used for clear and obvious decisions. When I see controversy with it down south its usually because refs are using to override borderline decisions. Its also possible that the rules need to be modified along with it. At the moment someones toe or arm being offside is strictly speaking grounds for disallowing a goal, but they could make it that if the players are generally in line the goal stands.


I think they will get it right eventually but I don't think there needs to be a rush to implement it up here yet. Let them iron out the problems first.

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I'd far rather we changed the offside rules to give the attacking side more of an advantage. By stipulating that there has to be clear daylight between the attacker and defender before the attacker is offside.


I have absolutely no confidence that introducing VAR wouldn't still result in the arse cheeks benefitting from dodgy decisions either. It may have stopped sevco getting 2 of the penalties they were awarded in the game they got 4 in. But they wouldn't have altered the outcome of that game anyway. Whereas if a cheek was struggling 0-0 in a game with time running out....I  suspect the VAR ref would be champing at the bit to award a penalty to them in a questionable incident.

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