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With James Wilson joining Adam Rooney at Salford City I wonder if in a couple of years they'll be winning the RAW Championship title!!!  Got me thinking about my favourite ever striking pairing.  I loved fact that the B&B duo Carlos Bacca and Cedric Bakambu used to play with each other at Villarreal. 


Any personal favourite yourselves?? 

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Very few contenders from an AFC point of view which is why (I assume) you didn't post this in the AFC forum. I enjoyed watching Suarez and Sturridge at their peak a few years back. They scored some amazing goals.


What BAS - Biter and Sicknote? They were a pair of clowns.

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As far as the Dons memory goes - Harper/Archibald,Shearer/Paatelainen.Cant think of anything since then.Always thought Lovell/Miller might have worked,but it was rarely given the chance


Never got into Euro fitba.In England Keegan/Toshack,Rush/Folwer,Cole/Beardsley.  Lost interest down there after the silly money came in



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If I had to pick a dream team for Scottish history, would go Dalglish and Charlie Nic. They two together would've produced major magic.


Would love to pick Joe Jordan, who, assuming he would've found the same telepathic wavelength as Keegan and if he'd played 100+ games with him, may well have been better than Toshack and been recognised as the best front duo of all time.


At the best team of all time however, they have a best trio!


Firmino is the MVP in that frontline, with probably Jordan Henderson overall as the MVP for the record breakers.

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