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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

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Nonsense. 4-6-0 will bring home a glorious draw.

Not sure if it was a listener or Stuart Cosgrove on off the Ball today but there was a comment along the lines of 'Players shouldn't be picked purely based on the club shirt they wear'. Heard a f

Rico, I'm going to let it drop. I have business connections close to this and feel it inappropriate to say any more. I'll never be a fan.

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Disappointing performance but one to be expected in the circumstances I suppose with a number of players not back playing yet. Formation looked like it was solely to get Robertson and Tierney on the field at the same time rather than being one to create chances for Dykes. 

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1 hour ago, tup1 said:

Surely we get the 3 points.

You would think so but not clear cut.

From UEFA - If a national association is not in a position to field a team with the above-mentioned minimum number of players (i.e. 13 including at least one goalkeeper), the match will, if possible, be rescheduled at a date to be fixed by the Uefa administration, which shall also have the power to assign it to a venue which may be in a neutral country (within the territory of a Uefa member association) if deemed appropriate; in any event, the home team will remain responsible for the organisation of the match and all related costs.

If the match cannot be rescheduled, the Uefa control, ethics and disciplinary body will take a decision on the matter. The national association that is responsible for the match not taking place or not being played in full will be declared to have forfeited the match unless both or none of the teams is/are responsible, meaning the match cannot be declared as forfeited.

If the match cannot be declared as forfeited, the outcome of the match will be decided by drawing of lots (i.e. win 1-0, loss 0-1 or draw 0-0) carried out by the Uefa administration.

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Czech sports reporter on sportsound said it will be a completely new czech republic team as the U21s are already playing on Monday and the entire squad from the Slovakia game are in quarantine.

I'd be interested to see if Clarke could pull a similar thing with scotland WITHOUT trawling through the lower english leagues looking for players who once got a piece of Edinburgh Rock as a gift from someone who went there on holiday.

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Not sure if it was a listener or Stuart Cosgrove on off the Ball today but there was a comment along the lines of
'Players shouldn't be picked purely based on the club shirt they wear'.

Heard a few people people in the past saying Alan Hansen was always bitter about not being picked for Scotland supposedly because of the likes of Miller & McLeish, the consensus being he felt he should be first choice because he played for liverpool.

Would the radar really have zoned in on Dykes had be stayed at Livi as opposed to going to London's 9th club?
There is of course Lawrence Shankland but his inclusion while playing lower league scottish football is on the same lines as picking Sevco players when they were in the 3rd division. I will welcome him proving me wrong in the SPL with the Arabs but the fact no else came a calling when he was at Ayr says a lot to me.

For all the 'diddy' club players occasinally given a sniff by Clarke he still has yet to convince me he isn't following the standard modern scottish manager of just picking up a list of Scots playing in England and looking at their salaries or last transfer fee rather than their actual record.

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That's a fucking awful performance, but a good result. Players just looked way off the pace, which is maybe understandable at this stage of most of their seasons. Dykes did quite well, McKenna fine too. McTominay with probably the worst defensive performance this century. Fucking awful like. Looked like a midfielder playing in defence.

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