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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Celeb Deaths

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Post whore. :thumbsup:


Anyway, does anyone read the 'Have Your Say' section of the BBC site anytime anyone snuffs it?  I usually chuckle at the most popular messages being 'I don't fucking care!' and various other musings along that ilk.

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At last, something good comes from Covid. Rot in hell you bastard

Dave Cornwell, better known as the writer John Le Carre, passes away aged 89. Love his books.

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Orcadia has transferred Bob Barker out and Paul Newman in.


Followed by the signings of Tony Snow & Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (chemical ali) freeing BB King and Jim Bardon.



You're allowed to sign someone that's going to be executed?  :-\

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Claude Levi-Strauss

Oscar Niemeyer



Aierl Sharon

Art Linkletter


:lolabove: :lolabove: :lolabove: :lolabove: :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove:  :lolabove: :lolabove: :lolabove: :lolabove:


Ha fucking ha motherdeadfucker  :thumbsup:

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Sorry about my dodgy transfer dealings  :-\ I just assumed such obscure names wouldn't be taken. I forgot there were people playing to win now  8) I''l hang on to Sharon and Linkletter for the time being. In the meantime can I just remind people of this:


CD Primera Liga Division

Ajja 2pts

Sneckie 1pt

Harcus 1pt

Penfold 1pt

Aberdeen Ladette 1pt

Everybody else 0pts


:finger: :finger: :finger:

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