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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

Stand Free!

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Just realise and i've beat you  :wave: top of the head to head league and opened up the gap again on the Globes one thanks to those English twats and a shock Sweden win. Linda only one point behind you now as well. :wave:


:thumbsup: would have been above him but forgot to adjust my team for game 3 so had a few players would have preferred out of team.  :( But will adjust tonight  :wave:

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I didn't realise there was a Globes league on top of the DT one  ???


I'm on the verge of jumping you anyway James  :wave:


What the hell did you think this thread was about then ???


Nae late entries aloud, especially from neeps who can't read a thread that's been on here for almost a month saying there is a Globes mini league. :wave:

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I thought it was about the DT league.


My plan is to win the main DT league anyway. This one is just for plums that are too shite to threaten in the big league  :wave:


I'll shit down on you fom the top of the DT league anyway by the end of it. I just seen your team and you don't have many players left. :wave:

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