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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

Stand Free!

Are we having a Globe Reds Summer BBQ?

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Clearly more dedicated to the cause than me.  Even the smallest amount of rain will see me heading to the pub instead!  I'm guessing it's the hipflask that does that though! ;)


That and the chance of glory :D


If its rained off in time I may yet make an appearance though!


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That and the chance of glory :D


If its rained off in time I may yet make an appearance though!


Your competitive side coming out again!! Well we shall all hope it gets cancelled then, either that or we will just have to have a jager on your behalf! ;D

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Ah caramel voddy hmmmm lovely

I loved the pass the glass game lads/lasses

Feck the hive though, it appears we are too old to go there lol ::)

I blame kev n his flip flops but to be fair god knows wit the bouncer was sayin (i thought he was the swedish chef fi the muppets at first) hurdy gurdy blah blahded blah too old hurdy gurdy blah blah students only hurdy gurdy is all I heard!

Then loons bright idea was to go back half hr later-FAIL lol

And dont get me started on hoorah henrys, ffs me wife hits harder then them!!

But to be fair me napper is still killling me, where was the peterhead loon when I nee

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Missed the BBQ/picnic but made drinks at The Globe at night time. Good to catch up with everyone.  :thumbsup: Mizer didn't let himself down i'm happy to report. Jack Daniels were giving out free shots of their new JD honey which we managed to blag quite a few of each.

Incidents include asking the promo guy why he wanted to kill bees, Mizer telling him that he "knew his ma" and the best of the lot "why was he looking a cunt wearing a bee keeper outfit in the middle of a pub in Edinburgh"  :rofl: needless to say we didn't get anymore free shots after this.


Oh and instead of drinking the shot? Yup, smash your fist down on the plastic glass filled with JD and attempt to lick/eat the smashed up plastic glass. It was at that point I left due to a volcanic like rage building up in me after being covered with JD honey.  :cardred:  :rofl:


Good night though I must say.

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