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3 hours ago, Jute said:

Derby County not able to pay wages of players for December. Surprised they are only ones so far.


All of football is about to collapse into a heap of debt and recrimination.

The only sensible thing to do is stop. Who wants to keep ploughing money into this sanitised excuse for football we are getting just now. The whole point of football is going to the game to watch it.

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Who cares about that, no self respecting Aberdeen supporter should be watching that nonsense. The criminal boy at Livvy is doing a great job.

Valid reason to like someone, I applaud that. Maybe I should reassess 😀 

Not suggesting that but he would be one for the future if we did.

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On 21/07/2020 at 22:32, tom_widdows said:

With 2 rounds to go in the English Championship it now seems Wigan are not the only club potentially facing points deduction.


Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday facing up to 21 point penalties for selling their stadiums to their owners to make sure they didnt breach the financial fair play rules.

Hillsborough was sold for £60million so the club posted a 24.6million pre tax profit.

Pride Park was sold for £80million so Derby posted a 14.6million pre tax profit





Derby appear to have been in the financial shit for a while now so I am not surprised they are one of the first of the next batch of clubs to announce problems paying their players down south.
Unlike Sheffield Wednesday they managed to get away with the stadium sales trick but failure to get promoted in the playoffs 2 seasons back suggests they were gambling alot on getting TV money.

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