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  1. Fucking glorious stuff tonight in Prague Will never tire of seeing these self entitled pricks getting ripped a new one Just fucking glorious Lenny must stay
  2. Hedges outstanding and a over the park. Hope he recovers at half time from injury. God to see Campbell back out there and he has based the middle of the park.
  3. BigAl

    Celeb Deaths

    Maradona has been touched by the hand of God Aged 60.
  4. Do they not prosecute for mental cruelty towards children in your part of the world Manc ?
  5. Excellent post Rico You've summed up far better than I could.
  6. What's your view on the overwhelming silence from the SFA ? Do you not feel they have a duty to report matters if only to stop folk like me apparently taking a bit from here, a bit for there and speculating by filling in the gaps. It certainly does appear that the managers of the three clubs affected are far from happy with how it has been handled and I would suspect they know more of the ins and outs than the rest of us
  7. I would respectively suggest that it was incompetent to insist that players from the same team are placed beside one another whilst travelling. This does nothing whatsoever to reduce the potential impact upon any one team, in this instance us. I'm being honest when I say that had it been Hun Mk 11 that were effected my thoughts on the matter would be the same. There appears to be issues regarding the timing (if at all) of testing and then we come to the communication issues and the apparent lack of any apology or remorse for what has happened. They have been quick to investigate club
  8. To be honest, right at this moment in time, the only thing that matters is picking up three points on Wednesday evening There will be other times when we'll be better suited to do it with a degree of flair or style It is imperative that we find ourselves coming out of this mini crisis (injury and unavailability wise) with as little damage to our season's prospects as possible. Right now a 95th minute double deflection in off the woodwork as a winner will do for me. Out Work Watching online Bed 0-1 (any cunt)
  9. Pretty much as I called it then which of course was before the incompetent arseholes @ Strathclyde Football Association managed to conspire to deny us an international trio of midfielders (lets not let the fact that McRorie was ineligible already get in the way). Anyone care to hazard a guess how that would have panned out if the shoe was on the Hun foot ?
  10. It hurts me to say this but Slippy G has got them firing on all cylinders. Domestically they look pretty much untouchable. Not only do I not think we'll beat them, I'd actually be surprised if we score against them on Sunday BUT I so so want to be proved wrong mate
  11. Added bonus that she's no bad looking Apologies, for the blatant sexism
  12. Contract extension allegedly made to Scott Wright Also looking to extend Edmondson & Leigh to the end of the season.
  13. George Campbell, Andrew Bagshaw, Fraser Fyvie....similarities Actually thats probably unfair on Fyvie, but sure you all get my drift.
  14. It's always this time somewhere in the world Take it you've been indulging
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