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  1. The Donalds' gift and McInnes' management abilities are two totally separate things. The Donalds' money cleared historical debt which was incurred long before McInnes appeared on the scene. The thread is about the manager's legacy. Before he arrived the "business" was hemorrhaging money, as were most SPL clubs. Now, recent events aside, there is a sustainable business model there mostly as a result of how things have gone on the pitch. Turnover has gone from £8M before McInnes came in, up to almost £16M in the space of 7? years. By any company's standards that is pretty good going. We now have players that are actually worth something and can realistically expect to make a decent return on guys like McKenna, Ferguson and Cosgrove. How that can be classed as hurting the club's finances I am not sure. Your dislike of the manager is clouding your thinking as to what has actually happened during his spell in charge or maybe you just do not understand business finances very well. I don't argue with the fact that it may be time for a change but don't go making things up just to suit your own "agenda".
  2. None of that is relevant to the point I was referring to.
  3. You can like McInnes or loathe him but bankrupt the club? Can you not remember the state of the finances before he was appointed?
  4. I suspect the prospective new owners of Newcastle will be delighted. That deal is sure to go ahead now.
  5. puregenius


    Saw the end of the formula one yesterday and all seemed a wee bit OTT with the covid measures. Everyone had a face mask on even though they were outside and they even got a robot to present the trophies to the podium drivers like it was far too dangerous for a human to do it.
  6. Hope he stays. He may have his detractors but his goal to game stats are better than most of our past strikers, Shearer, Black, McGhee, Dodds, Nicholas, Gilhaus. This despite playing in what some might suggest is a poorer team.
  7. Must admit, I thought that having the enforced layoff would be right up Mourinho's street and that he would have managed to turn Spurs into a well-oiled machine when the season resumed but they have slumped to 9th. He will need a decent start to next season or Levy will be hunting around for his replacement.
  8. Not sure why fans would shell out all that money to renew tickets when it was pretty clear back in April/May time that there was unlikely to be fans in stadiums until the new year. The club really should not be taking people's money. There are several organisations that have done that during this period and it is taking the piss. If you are not able to get a service you are paying for then companies should not be charging you. It's ok for the chairman to suggest season ticket holders will be able to watch the matches on tv but you can hardly charge £400 for a season on tv. Just my opinion but the club have made a hash of the whole situation. I said previously that they should have been furloughing the whole staff when lockdown was announced and would have saved millions. Even crazier, they have just given away their £50,000 grant - why exactly when we keep hearing they are "burning through" all this money each month? Just do not understand Cormack's thinking on some of these things.
  9. Bryson. What a waste of money
  10. Kind of a bizarre decision that the authorities are insistent on completing the Scottish Cup when the remainder of last season has been written off, not sure why they deem the cup to be so much more important. They should have just scrapped it and moved on.
  11. Really disappointed in the game last night, the crowd makes such a difference to live sport. The Sky crowd noise on Sky Sports whatever the hell it is called was just weird and the alternative on the other channel with no noise was rubbish too. Was so looking forward to getting sport back on the telly but the football was crap, the snooker the other week was crap and the golf at the weekend was crap
  12. The great WT, Mr Maximum. RIP Willie. Many of the country's bookmakers have announced their intention to close due to lack of custom.
  13. I'm too young to remember Steve Archibald play for us. Intrigues me that he rarely gets a mention as one of our greats which, bearing in mind he went on to play for Barcelona makes me wonder why. Why does he not rank higher amongst our support?
  14. Not a dream pairing as such but would have been interesting to have seen how Rooney would have got on playing alongside Cosgrove. I reckon the two of them would have been a good fit. Don't think any of them are particularly suited to playing up front on their own.
  15. Fine if that is all he is doing. Cannot help being sceptical when someone with an obvious loyalty to one club in the league is contributing to the league as a whole. Firstly his club is threatened with relegation. The next phase involves their chairman being put in charge of the restructuring committee. Then when that fails, their major benefactor is offering to bail out the whole of the league. You can call it philanthropy, the more cynical would view it as bribery. Wonder when the news will break to announce that league reconstruction has been agreed?
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