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  1. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    He will already have taken on a new host, one of the younger members of the family, probably William's loon. He will probably attend his own funeral.
  2. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    Raise your guns in salute to the old reptilian shapeshifter today.
  3. Just a rumour that they want McCrorie to replace Brown. I'm not sure why they would want to do that, however the same person who says this was right about Brown coming to the Dons several months ago. So there could be something in it. Maybe Eddie Howe rates him.
  4. McCrorie to Celtic for £1.5m plus Griffiths Let's hope so. He's rubbish.
  5. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    I'll take a knee for DMX.
  6. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    I might do a minutes silence later.
  7. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    It's going to take me a few days to get over big PP kicking the bucket. Between that and Captain Tom it's been a traumatic year.
  8. The BBC is now overrun with rabid huns again. They had Mark Hateley on last night ffs. He was singing the praises of Stevie G as if he was Walter Smith. No mention that Smith's team were tax evading, industrial cheating bastards. They have successfully whitewashed Scottish football history and pretend they never cheated, or were liquidated.
  9. It's hard to believe their neck. When I hear them saying these things, I think, is this even real? I'd also point out that, up until the Sparta Prague game, they have got away with serious violence on opponents this season. That's why they are top of the league in my opinion. Had the referees in the domestic games been the same as the European ones, they'd be nearer the bottom of the league and probably have the worst disciplinary record of all time in football. But no, we get them getting away with a red card challenge every game, with the full backing of the corrupt refer
  10. The huns are quitting social media in protest at racism. The irony of these suddenly anti racist, woke huns is too much for my head to take. Their disgusting supporters have spent years spewing poisonous racist filth at every ground in Scotland. Suddenly they're against it all. Fuck me.
  11. Dean Campbell for me. He's taken some criticism but he's rising above it. He's been the only good player in the team recently. Playing and training alongside Brown will help him a lot. I think he could be our star player next season. The rest of the players need to take a good look at themselves. They've almost all been useless.
  12. Unreal. Anyway, Cove would have been delighted to lose to them, like most teams in Scotland are. Like McInnes was delighted to sell them Scott Wright, and pay them serious money for donkey McRorie, who's beginning to make Brian O'Neil look like a bargain.
  13. 'Thrashed' their Cove namesakes according to the BBC. That sea shanty weegie clown won't be getting anywhere near the draw again, the corrupt SFA would have been having kittens in the background when he got mixed up and pulled out the two heated balls together.
  14. Campbell was our best player on Saturday. He's better than Ferguson or McRorie. We should build the team around him. I'd like to see mainly younger players in the team from now until the end of the season. Some of them are clearly better than the senior players.
  15. Someone has made a serious error with the draw. Also, fuck Premier Sports.
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