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  1. I’ll save him the bother. We were shite.
  2. Yeah maybe but I suspect he was done when Derby got rid of him. They would have kept him on if he was still up to it. I think we based his wage on how good he used to be unfortunately. I’d negotiate a free transfer with him and cut our losses. McInnes should not feel obligated to play him because of his salary.
  3. Aye you're right there. That's what happens when you upset Bebo. He removed my post count, set up a 1,000 club for his pals, and allowed the law to be broken with impunity in terms of my personal details. You must worship at the altar of Bebo to post on there. Kissing his ass is mandatory. He puts in loads of work for the site, and doesn't get paid for it you know. The site has also come close to closing many times but he has saved the day on every occasion like some sort of Internet Superman. It's an absolute miracle that it's still going and he is personally 100% responsible for that miracle.
  4. I knew for definite at the Killie cup replay that he was done. I thought that was him done. I’m surprised/astonished to see him back. I’m fine thank you.
  5. His wages make no difference, if he’s done, he’s done.
  6. I think we are flogging a dead horse with him. He looks done. I’d prefer to see a younger midfielder in his place.
  7. He’s no Shinnie, he shouts and runs about a lot but he’s not very good, whatever he had before he doesn’t have now.
  8. tup1


    Well you’re right about that.
  9. tup1


    I'm your old mucker?
  10. The football is dire. I'd like to see more of us playing like we did in the 2nd half at Killie in the cup. Just go for it and commit everyone forward. We can surely outscore most teams that way. I also thought that would be Bryson done after his first half performance in that game and getting hooked at half time. But here he is again this season, just as bad as he was last season.
  11. Bryson also looks about 45. He could barely play Highland League by the look of him.
  12. Sky TV coverage is terrible pro hun garbage and it's easier for the huns and the ref to get away with their incessant cheating in an empty stadium. Morelos is grossly overweight but they didn't mention that at all, probably because McCoist and Boyd are also fat cunts, seems to be a pre-requisite of being a striker for the huns, be a fat, obnoxious prick.
  13. Hernandez looks good but nobody was passing the ball to him.
  14. Bryson has had a number of chances in our team and has consistently been woeful. We need to admit defeat and get rid of him.
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