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  1. Because he's signed for the huns.
  2. Fucking hell, Ojo and Wright in the starting line up. Is McInnes attempting to get the sack?
  3. Playing Wright disgusts me, we deserved to get thrashed for that decision alone. How does that help morale with the younger players? Surely Virtanen or someone could have played instead. McInnes should get the sack for continuing to pick him. I decided not to see the score and watch as if live on Alba. Switched off after 20 minutes. Total dross. McInnes has lost the plot, he's turned into Jimmy Calderwood.
  4. Wright County 2 (Wright OG x 2) Aberdeen 1 (Main)
  5. No celebrating goals allowed in Scottish football according to the dentist gadgie on Off the Ball. The way he's speaking the whole season is in danger of being called off. This game is on Alba tonight at 6pm.
  6. I had to Google that My accusations of subversion and treason are well founded here. Is Wright a supporter of the dead huns is the only question remaining for me.
  7. I'll happily pay to watch any game that does not involve Wright. McInnes is largely to blame here it has to be said. He's almost congratulating The Rangers for their approach, he no doubt loves Gerrard.
  8. Kudos to McLean and Shinnie for not joining them. No such kudos for Jack and Wright. Hell mend the pair of them.
  9. The lesson was that Sevco are going to be speaking to our out of contract players, and not to lose them for nothing, to a main rival, in future. We learned nothing and it’s happening again. Too easy for them, like taking sweeties from a bairn. Give Wright a Rangers strip and make him train on his own.
  10. The club can keep playing him if they want to, I’m well aware of that. They just won’t be getting any more £12.99 payments from me while they do. I can’t stomach paying to watch him in a Dons shirt again. He should be hounded our IMO.
  11. Ross must be worth a shot, he's doing well for Raith. The season is a bit of a write off, now would be the perfect time to blood a good few youngsters and get this shambles of a squad sorted out for next season. We should have learned a lesson with Ryan Jack but it seems we learned nothing from that.
  12. If there were fans in the stadium, the decision to play Wright or otherwise would be made for the manager. All we are doing by playing him now is developing him for next season, for one of our biggest rivals. Like we did with Christie. The very definition of a feeder club. Ross County are playing a bit better now, but only on the basis that they couldn't get any worse. 2-1 home win if Wright plays. Easy 3-0 for the Dons if he doesn't. Hopefully Considine does him in training before the game takes place.
  13. I'd be astounded if he does not sign for the huns. The manager was basically confirming it's a formality now. He's not getting any benefit of any doubt. He has shafted AFC.
  14. Just a feeling I've had for some time. I stated on here that I felt the huns were the problem some weeks ago, long before it broke in the press. The story breaking was just confirming my long held suspicion. Basically, both he and McInnes are taking the piss if that's the case. Playing the supporters for fools because they know what happened when Ryan Jack's move was announced. The whole of Scottish football makes me sick just now. Between this, Celtic players lording it up in Dubai in extremely crass circumstances, and the huns making a massive loss of nearly £20m to cheat their way
  15. I don't agree he's done nothing wrong, he's in the process of signing for the huns. I'm disgusted with him, and the club. I said at least 6 months ago his contract should have been a priority. Yet here we are. We are going backwards at an alarming rate as Sevco make fools of us all by repeatedly tapping up our best players for free transfers.
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