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  1. Should have taken Wright on instead of McLennan.
  2. Celtic are very poor at the moment. There for the taking by any decent standard opponents.
  3. Call it overly optimistic, but I’m looking for us to beat them twice in a week.
  4. I'd go with basically the same starting line up as against Hamilton, but one change, McRorie back in for McGeouch. But Edmondson will likely make way for another midfield player. Wright must start the game, he's our most creative player.
  5. Na, can't see him getting 100. Maybe if he'd not left for Korea when at his peak a few years ago, to play hardly any football.
  6. Celtic are pretty weak just now. Their best players seem to have downed tools almost. I'd imagine a few of them are desperate to leave. Plus they will have no fans polluting the South Stand. We should be looking for at least a draw. We are playing well enough to beat them. But only with our best players available. The quality drops off a cliff on the bench for us. We should above all stick to the formation of the last two games, and one that has served us well this season. If we go all defensive, we will get what we deserve for doing that, beaten, as we've seen a number of times in the last few seasons. Taylor is the big worry. He can hardly defend.
  7. Lennon has lost the plot, and the knives are out for him. He has no idea who leaked his team last week before the bigot fest. I think they are there for the taking, both by AC Milan, and Aberdeen. I'm not sure his players are playing for him anymore.
  8. Aye, I never seen him play for them. We paid money for him, and now he's disappeared. Sounds like we got ripped off.
  9. Of the midfielders we have, I'd get shot of Ojo as soon as possible. Campbell needs a loan like Anderson, to prove himself in a less pressured environment. Not sure what the story with Gallagher is. Never seen him play. I also suspect Ferguson will leave for England soon. So with all that in mind, maybe signing a player for the future is not a bad idea.
  10. Hayes is doubtful for Sunday which is a real blow. None of the benched players can replace him.
  11. Won easily in the first half. 2nd half poor but to give the benefit of the doubt perhaps we were saving ourselves for the game at the weekend.
  12. Ojo and McLennan weakened the team significantly. Hopefully Hayes is fit for playing Celtic.
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