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Next Match:  Scottish League Cup: St Mirren v Aberdeen

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  1. Hernandez is pish. Equally as pish as either Main or Ojo. It's a difficult one, these guys are here until summer and as we've seen will be required at various points of the season. Games like these we should really be able to throw them in. With Campbell in centre midfield, you probably wouldn't risk another youngster alongside. Campbell was okay tonight, I think he'll be a great player, but really needs to work on moving it forward more incisively. Always takes the easy side to side option. Anyway, it is eight players out though, that's fairly disruptive and we struggled to create much.
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  2. Yep, absolutely, I agree entirely. Lack of transparency. To be honest, I've no real issue with the SFA making mistakes, they're in a far harder position than most clubs given the travel arrangements, but it is the lack of transparency that is the problem. Just a clear outline of events, what went wrong etc and how they're going to change things. When you said "who investigates them?" earlier, I had it in my head that you meant from a punitive perspective, but you're completely right and investigation of the facts that can be presented to the public is what's required. AD, I just read the
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  3. Drinking early the day Rico?
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  4. No matter how shit we are, I would never put us down to be defeated by that scum and their equally scummy Glasgow neighbours.
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