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Off Topic / Re: What Have You Been Watching on TV?
« Last post by bearsdenred on Yesterday at 07:56:34 PM »
Daredevil Season 3 on netflix  :thumbsup:
Music, Games and Movies / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Elgindon on Yesterday at 07:03:25 PM »
 TFIF.  nice groove for the W/E   

BBC apologise to Rangers and Ryan Jack over ‘severed head’ picture used alongside Aberdeen ticket story;

“When this mistake was spotted, the picture used to illustrate the story was changed on both accounts.
“We regret the error and apologise to the player and to Rangers FC for this mistake.”

For folk who have not seen "The Picture"......

 :laughing: :laughing:

Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Hearts V Aberdeen
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Yesterday at 04:08:00 PM »
Over 10 years ago I proposed on abmad a protest at Pittodrie whereby instead of staying away, we filled it. Against a lower league team where we wouldn't normally get more than 12k or so, I started an idea whereby we urged all our friends, families and friends to turn up and during the game, at a predesignated time we held up individual letters which spelled out something like: -
Merkland - GET IT FIXED

We needed three dozen or so volunteers to carry in the letters and coordinate to stand together in the right sequences (one seat apart for the letters, three seats apart per word), we had a printer who volunteered to provide them (he reckoned 3.5 feet tall would work) and I had more than enough volunteers "sign up" within a couple of hours.

I got blootered one night/that night/the next night and got banned from the site for telling some cunt what I thought of them so it never grew legs but before the moaners, the cynical and the negative cunts pipe up, it was just the embryo of an idea, killed pretty swiftly by alcohol but the appetite for change was there.

Milne has only ever faced direct challenge once, in the abortive (but highly revealing) vote at the AGM which led to the death of the original AFCST unfortunately. These days there are the missing thousands (as I call them). Their "protest" is costing the club every day and every season. I reckon at least 10,000 of AFC fans at Red Parkhead only went to say "give us a good team/finals/the chance of a trophy" and we will support you.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Hearts V Aberdeen
« Last post by Ten Caat on Yesterday at 03:46:02 PM »
£32 for upper and £30 for lower. Got to pay for their half built stand somehow I suppose.

This is the type of game where if our fans want to make a statement by staying away, it would be very effective. Hearts really do rely on us, Hivs, dhims and sevco to help make ends meet.....1500 of us at just the 30 quid =£45k in their hipper. Of course if we were to reciprocate and make the Fartz fans pay that much in the reciprocal fixture I bet they wouldn't even bring 500 up.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: League Cup Semi Finals
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Yesterday at 01:53:10 PM »
I think there has been a bit of a siege mentality developed within the club over the last couple of years or so.
Unfortunately , it's been developed by McInnes and his players against some....(and I stress , some) of the fans.

I've had the feeling a few times that he's become fairly hacked off with the negativity from some fans.

Seems to me that there's now very much a "them-and-us" attitude between the disgrunteld fans and the club....mostly fostered by the disgruntled fans, in my opinion. And this has spread into the rapport between the team and the fans.

This is nothing new. Miller and Calderwood were very open in their criticism of the fans. Unrealistic expectations was their excuse to mask the hideous performances on the pitch. Willie Miller admitted this in an AGM last decade and sought to vindicate himself by saying that "you can check with the journalists up the back, we've not said that for a while" as he wisely learnt from that particular mistake.

What is also not unique is moaning and it offends me when Aberdeen fans are held up as some sort of exception in this regard. The Scots are arguably towards the top of the world negativity league table but within Scotland, Aberdeen and the North East are definitely no worse than other parts of the country I could mention.

The need to moan is more often to be found in the downtrodden, the thick and the unfortunate. As I was driving an hour or so ago, there was a debate about smoking and I was alarmed at how vociferous the anti-smoking feelings still are. I'm not talking about the laws which were rightfully introduced to discourage people from smoking but the vile intolerance that the majority of the panel/audience towards those who smoke outside a hospital.

If McInnes is offended by the "disgruntlement" levels within his customer base, he either doesn't understand human nature (which includes a hell of a lot of negative cunts) or he's kidding himself about the job he's doing... and who can blame him from having a very high regard of his own abilities given how much Milne paid him last year?

To be fair, if this the case, then McIness has only himself to blame, given the negative outlook and match tactics he foists on the team and to the supporters.

If fans are being negative, it's the unpleasant football diet they are being fed that's to blame.

Nail. Head. Smashed.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: League Cup Semi Finals
« Last post by RicoS321 on Yesterday at 01:52:20 PM »
Talking about the fans going to Hampden (or not). Too young to remember, but I'm sure the fans back in the 80's when we were getting dicked didn't constantly threaten to finish with Scottish football completely. Air of defiance back then rather than greeting about a bad view or the kids having school on the Monday.

The management and team need to foster this too though, I agree.

You're missing the point. Nobody is greeting about it. They're just simply saying that they're not going. That is our current position as a club. We've got 10-12K or so supporters who will go because that's what they always do, whether at Pittodrie or away.

The things I listed aren't people's complaints or excuses, they are just little things that add up to ensure people aren't attracted to the fixture. We're (on this thread) making the mistake of assuming that all people that class themselves as dons fans want to go to the game as a default but are being persuaded not to by various factors. That's not what's happening. Those who go as a default (me!) are all going. Those that can take it or leave it simply aren't going - no excuses required. The point being that if we want more people going, we actually have to attract them to it not just assume that it's their duty as AFC supporters to attend because we get tickets. All of the above reasons I gave (I missed the major factor of cost too, which is exhorbitant at £30 - plus seven fucking quid for recorded delivery) make the fixture more and more unattractive. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it's a pretty unattractive fixture all in. My "blood red line" for non-attendance would simply have been having a shite seat. I'm there to watch the game, won't be getting pished as I have work the next day, so it's a no brainer that I wouldn't attend had I got a better view at home. No greeting, no excuses, just simply saying "I'm not buying the shite you're selling".
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Hearts V Aberdeen
« Last post by Jute on Yesterday at 01:34:18 PM »
Was I reading right or were Hearts charging £32 (£33 if you count booking fee) to attend tomorrow??  Don't think I've ever been asked to pay that much for a domestic match before.

£32 for upper and £30 for lower. Got to pay for their half built stand somehow I suppose.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Hearts V Aberdeen
« Last post by SeeBass on Yesterday at 01:10:56 PM »
Was I reading right or were Hearts charging £32 (£33 if you count booking fee) to attend tomorrow??  Don't think I've ever been asked to pay that much for a domestic match before.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: League Cup Semi Finals
« Last post by Lencarl on Yesterday at 01:08:37 PM »
I have know idea if we can get the siege mentality back to this club again. It starts with the club themselves growing a pair against the West Coast bias. Does this current club have this in them. I don't know. They made a start in the ticket allocation fiasco but we needed to see them fight harder for the North Stand at Hampden. Agree a lot of our fans can take it or leave it going to games now but that is down to Live TV coverage.

We need to take a stand even though the West Coast Media will slam the club and their fans everytime they can but nothing new in that. Here is the latest :   SunSport understands the SPFL have been far from impressed and will take it into account with allocations if Aberdeen reach the Betfred Cup Final and future semi-finals and finals.
Across the Hampden corridor the SFA will also have noted it regards the Scottish Cup.

Stand Free. :thumbsup:

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