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Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Well vs Dons - Sat
« Last post by KennyFuckinPowers on October 15, 2019, 10:45:54 PM »
I reckon they'll outplay and outfight us, sadly.

They will be " Up " for it, whereas McInnes will try and keep it calm and slow and deliberate, every time we do that, we get turned over, it never works.

Hopefully we have a few more bodies back and the squad looks a bit stronger, but on the day, I fear a 3/4-0 defeat. I think they'll snuff out our long ball approach ( Aimless punts to Cosgrove ) and cause us problems at the other end.

I would hope we have used this break to work on something different and something unpredictable and that takes Motherwell by surprise and in turn results in a very important 3 points, but sadly I can't see McInnes changing his approach. Of course I'd love to be proved wrong.

Aberdeen Football Club / Re: shankland again
« Last post by LA-Don on October 15, 2019, 08:50:18 PM »
I think Anderson has struggled for game time because the "plan" for this season was to see if Wright was or wasn't going to make it with us. As such, he was always going to be behind Cosgrove, Wilson and Wright for a starting place (Main I can only presume was brought in to provide "muscular" cover for Cosgrove in the event Cosgrove suffered an injury or if his stellar 6 months last season proved to be a fluke). Of course that went tits up pretty much straight away when Wright shattered his cruciate....for what it is worth I don't think he would have made it with us anyway.

Anderson should be now filling the place that Wright would have taken in games this season. I realise that Anderson is a couple of years younger but at 20 really cant be described as a true "youngster" any more. However if Wilson cannot get any significant game time....even when the squad was down to the bare bones (and when he did get thrown in managed to injure himself ana)…….then it seems clear that Mcinnes for whatever reason has gone down a certain road and that striker wise, Cosgrove is clear first choice (no shit Sherlock) and that Main is the back up option ( :hammer:)

That being the case, Anderson was always going to struggle to even make matchday squads. He seemed to do okat Dunfermline on loan last season so I cannot fathom why we didn't seek to get him out on loan to a club playing at a slightly higher level than Dunfermline....maybe a St Mirren or the likes (of course we might have tried that and found no one wanted him...we will never know). What is certain is that he isn't going to improve playing reserve team football now, even if the quality of opponent has increased this season. I've seen supporters who claim to know the loon comment that he has no intention of signing a contract extension when his current one runs out as he knows he won't get a chance under McInnes. Seems fair comment. I'm also with Rico in that I suspect he wouldn't prove to be quite good enough to make it with us long term, but right now......I'd sure as fuck rather see him getting the game time that Main has been getting. He certainly couldn't prove to be any worse.

Your last part is key for me. When was the last time we had an experienced bench player come in and make a positive difference? How often does this happen? For 2-3 years now I'd say blooding youth would have been just as effective if not better.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: mckenna
« Last post by LA-Don on October 15, 2019, 08:42:10 PM »
Tough one to predict. I think we'd be inclined to accept around 3 million or more for him, but January is a sellers market and there will be desperate buyers out there. He's been average at best for a while now and doesn't want to be here. Easy to say now, but we missed the opportunity to sell him for more.
Football Chat / Re: Todays fitba
« Last post by manc_don on October 15, 2019, 08:07:30 PM »
I think NI deserve masses amount of credit. Firstly for showing what a proper wee country can achieve in the international game.  They've not got better players than us, but have the right mentality.

They played very well in the first half, the cloggies were very poor, but I felt that was down to NI.  They eventually got their equaliser and you knew the winner was coming.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: mckenna
« Last post by manc_don on October 15, 2019, 07:52:32 PM »
It's hardly news though. He made his intentions very clear in August, but as Al has pointed out.....for it to happen needs the agreement of 3 parties and right now the club holds all the cards. The only problem the club has is knowing his "true" value now that he has made it clear he doesn't want to be there. We know that £3million from QPR was turned down. We also know that Villa offered £6.5million a year ago (albeit they wanted him essentially on a free 6 month trial initially and we don't know how they were intending to structure the payment(s).

Since then he has missed fair chunks of playing time through injury and suspension, his form could be described as variable in this period so despite making himself Scotland's first choice centre back (when fit), it's unlikely we will receive an offer as good as (potentially) Villa's was again. Personally I'd be telling him that he won't be transferred in January unless we receive an outrageous offer (not beyond the realms of possibility with teams in the Championship looking to bolster their squads for a promotion push or EPL teams near the bottom trying to stave off relegation). However I'd be telling him to inform his agent we would be willing to review things in summer on condition that bidding clubs meet our minimum valuation ( maybe offers over £4.5 million??) AND that they submit their offers early enough to allow us in turn to use some of that cash to bring in an adequate replacement before the window closes.

He says that he will give 100% commitment to the club while he is with us and I don't doubt he will. But he wants to be elsewhere. I'd prefer someone who wants to be with us for the journey.

The last bit is especially true.  But I guess, no-one at the club really knows what that journey is at the moment as they all seem pretty clueless.  Regardless, your point is correct, we need players who want to play for us. I hope his heart is in it until he' sold.

Personally, I think he's been shite to indifferent for a while now, even prior to his injury. Another one we should have shipped off in the summer whilst his stock was high.
Aberdeen Football Club / Well vs Dons - Sat
« Last post by manc_don on October 15, 2019, 07:47:18 PM »
Back to proper football this weekend. Usually i breath a sigh of relief, but can't say i'm feeling that this time.  I'm hoping some of the injuries have cleared and the team have bonded. It's been pretty hapless so far and I know injuries haven't helped, but the team haven't looked fit once this season.  Tough couple of weeks coming up and I'd imagine a true reflection of where we are will emerge, positive or negative.

Well will finish third this season, easy.

3-1 Well, Cosgrove pen
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Battle For Third
« Last post by rocket_scientist on October 15, 2019, 07:34:44 PM »
I cant see what he's gained/gaining from the experience

The main reason why the majority of fans can't see what's happening is because they have no experience of business and specifically have never been at, or close enough to, the top of it to understand how it works.

When we try to tell them (the truth, whether in politics or business), they can't or won't believe it.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Battle For Third
« Last post by Elgindon on October 15, 2019, 06:47:50 PM »
 I ken moneys his God,and I agree he didnt become chairman thru love of the club,but I cant see what he's gained/gaining from the experience,apart possibly,from being seen as the local benefactor of the local club.Good for business image? Nae sure about that either tbh...

Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Battle For Third
« Last post by rocket_scientist on October 15, 2019, 05:52:54 PM »
Curious.What do you think Milnes own agenda is?

The same as it's been for the whole of almost thirty years since he wormed his way into AFC, the hapless Ian Donald not having the nous to see it coming.

The same as it's been for his whole life.

The same as it is for the vast majority of politicians and business owners. Their agendas and priorities are the betterment of them personally.

Any "love" he purports to have for football and AFC is feigned, a total sham.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Battle For Third
« Last post by Elgindon on October 15, 2019, 05:39:53 PM »
Let's face it, third has zero chance of happening. Neither are Aberdeen going to win a cup.

"Success" this season will be avoiding relegation.

It therefore doesn't matter if AFC continue this bad run of form or even get worse in the weeks ahead.

The ONLY thing that matters now is preparing for the future.

That future will never be bright whilst McInnes is in charge of the "product" and we continue to allow the minority-shareholding chairman to continue pursuing his own agenda.

 Curious.What do you think Milnes own agenda is?
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