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Football Chat / Re: Todays fitba
« Last post by Ten Caat on Today at 06:38:26 PM »
Gerrard and the whole Ibrokes backroom team were awarded new 4 year contracts only a few short weeks ago. If we think it's an expensive business to punt DM/Doc....those cretins in Govan have got a problem likely 4 to 5 times the size of ours if they want to punt Slippy et al. So I can't see their board taking any action for the foreseeable future. Even in spite of the orc hordes who are starting to turn on them in numbers. It's hilarious entertainment for everyone else looking on though. Especially as by this time next week, they could be (in a perfect world) left with nothing but their pride to play for.

As for May......if I'm correct he managed 8 goals in 61 appearances for us. Since returning to St Johnstone he has 7 goals in 22 appearances. He took a lot of stick for his lack of goals for us. But him and Cosgrove got a run in the side between October - December as a strike duo and in that period we picked up a load of victories. Cosgrove was the one scoring all the goals....but I could live with that. They were working effectively together. I'd still rather have May than Main tbh. But right now.....I'd rather have Main in the side than Cosgrove
Football Chat / Re: Todays fitba
« Last post by LA-Don on Today at 06:03:54 PM »
Looks like the huns league season has gone to shit, much like our own, any chat of Getrard for the sack yet or is Europe keeping him alive, much like our cup win at Killie giving DM some relief?

Interesting that May is scoring, has he topped his aberdeen total of goals yet in his return to st Johnstone?
Football Chat / Re: Todays fitba
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Today at 05:54:17 PM »
Hun drop 2 more points at St Johnstone and Stevie May scores his fifth in 9.
Football Chat / Re: Managers in England
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Today at 10:46:02 AM »
Very good analysis from Martin Keown last night. He said that Spurs were gutless yesterday mostly down to the manager and Jose's continuous moaning about them not being good enough and deep enough in squad. Great point. The manager looking after himself and his massive ego primarily is unsurprising but it's a dangerous game he's playing, the veiled pointing of the finger at Levi. I think he's right in that the chairman/owner is holding the club back by not providing a transfer kitty but where injuries have killed this season, he obviously has big debts to service over the new stadium and may correctly assume that the squad could have competed this season, having got to the CL final in May.

Jose has been given a big chance at Spurs and it's going tits up. He should've worked with what he's got and whilst we all know what he's got isn't good enough, we don't need him telling everybody the obvious. It's a surefire way to lose the dressing room and get the sack.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by Ten Caat on Today at 10:03:48 AM »
4 home defeats on the trot is utterly unacceptable. That 3 of them came against Motherwell, St J and Ross Co makes it almost criminal. Hamilton and Livi did us a big favour yesterday by taking points off our biggest rivals for 3rd spot (I'm assuming Hibs will overhaul Livi before the split)…….we blew it big style. Some are saying both of Campbell's bookings were harsh and there may be some truth in that p.o.v…….they're questioning if it had been Broon or the Rat would either of the incidents resulted in yellows.... but under the rules they were both bookable and ultimately it cost us the game. With 11 men on the park we were comfortable, if unspectacular. I can understand why McInnes didn't immediately haul one of our forwards off after the sending off...I think he thought we had enough about us to see it through to half time when he could then have made the sub without embarrassing or angering either Main or Cosgrove. I am in agreement with TDD that Cosgrove looks very much like a player who has had his head turned by the transfer speculation in January. However for the 2nd match on the trot, McLennan was absolutely honking. Both players need an extended spell on the bench/ playing for the reserves.

Now think that despite his massive contract, only a Scottish Cup win can save McInnes from the bullet in summer. Things just seem to be mirroring the final months of the Calderwood era. To get third we really need to go on a 5 or 6 match winning streak, defeating Hibs, Livi and Motherwell in doing so. But we haven't looked like going  on a run like that all season.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Today at 09:56:25 AM »
I think McInnes was in a difficult situation

He is indeed in a very difficult situation, possibly a terminal one.

The difficulty he has is that he knows that the players, the management, the club and the fans should all be pulling together in the same direction. Indeed he spoke about this specifically when he was referring to the goal celebrations at Killie midweek. The problem is that he's now acutely aware that a section of the support don't want him there, thus the poor average home crowds and as Ayrshire states, a piss poor home record stretching back over a season.

Much as he will have engaged the siege mentality against the detractors, of which I'm one, and will have privately shared with his wos mates how demanding and unrealistic the Aberdeen fans are, this is a falsehood. A charlatan is in denial about his own limitations and this particular ambitious charlatan wasn't planning on being here this long. Unfortunately for him, it's results that get you promoted to bigger jobs and his haven't been good enough. He should introspect better. It's not our fault the bigger clubs aren't coming in for him, nor will they ever.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 09:17:00 AM »
Aye, wasn't great like. As others have said, the sub should have come straight away. I think McInnes was in a difficult situation however, because he had to take off either Main or Cosgrove and it would have been a blow to either player's confidence. He should still be making that call, and not doing it cost us the game. Although Campbell sold his teammates with his bookings. In fairness to the ref, they were both blatant bookings. I don't think Cosgrove and main will work out together, so we need to revert for the st mirren game. Hopefully the weather will have improved by next weekend too as the conditions didn't help the game at all.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by Jute on Today at 08:21:58 AM »
What the fuck is going on with our man from Venezuela?
Is he unfit?

The Norwegian season does not start until April so he will have only been starting his preseason work. Suspect might be another few weeks before he is up to speed.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Today at 07:34:13 AM »
Yes his bookings were soft and technically correct, but if a referee is going to be so pedantic with the rules he has to do it consistantly throughout the game which he didn't.

As for Sam his goal record is decent, but does allow him to hide behind his many weaknesses to his game and I honestly don't think he is a very good footballer and reckon he has had his head turned by all the talk leading up to and during the last transfer window. 

Our poor recruitment over the past few windows is biting us on the arse big time and we lack quality.

Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Dons v County 22/02
« Last post by ayrshire_don74 on Today at 05:38:57 AM »
8 wins last 23 home games ?? thats sackable
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