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Off Topic / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Today at 01:40:11 AM »
Aye, tragic numbers and at the time of posting, 64,957 have been reported as dying with the virus.

The data trends show that the US and the UK are losing the highest percentages in the last week. By this I mean that their and our total deaths are rising at a bigger proportion than every other country in the world. The US death figure reported today was the worst national daily loss of any country thus far and I expect they will have the highest number of fatalities globally at some point well before the end of this month.

I guess a good question would be why? It's the same virus hitting the same human bodies. The virus doesn't recognise nationalities or ethnicity. Of course there will be reasonable contributory factors such as air quality, age demographics and smoker rates in Northern Italy but in the case of the two worst accelerating countries it may well be directly correlated to the "strategies", or rather the lack of them in both our countries.

Boris was going for zero lockdown, "take it on the chin" and herd immunity before a total U-turn almost two weeks ago and Trump similarly wasn't in favour of lockdown before being advised to finally take it seriously. Even then, there's still 7 or 8 states not in lockdown and as we've seen again today in England, the Westminster government's advice or recommendations or instructions (or whatever the fuck they're doing) isn't being adhered to on a total level.

Once again tonight, Trump showed his impatience and repeated his "the cure can't be worse than the problem itself" and I'm following the fascinating debate in the UK on whether or not the cost of lockdown is ultimately going to be "worth it". It's a pity that Piers Morgan and Peter Hitchens happen to be the beacons for these two opposing views as both are rather unfortunate personalities that I find distaste coming very naturally for but the truth may well come somewhere between them or indeed may attach to one of them when all's said and done, even though they couldn't be any further apart and are at completely extreme ends of the spectrum.

In due course we will learn whether total lockdown or zero lockdown was the best strategy. There actually may not even be an in-between on this one. I am inclined to go with total lockdown as early as possible - which was at least 2 /3 weeks earlier than Boris went for - and then releasing after 3 weeks. I'm not infected (I'm sure) and have had very little opportunity to be infected since the pubs shut so after 3 weeks of social isolation, I can't even see how new cases can occur (if we aren't mixing with anyone). That assumes the "science" that the virus either makes us real sick or goes away within 3 weeks and also assumes that a well-organised country can test quickly and efficiently. In fact the testing on a wide enough scale is the key to it all, the data determining the whole  economy. It's all a massive fuck up and I reckon God's karma is punishing us for electing such bad, unintelligent administrations. The data trends do show that we in the UK should hit a plateau in the middle of April but that assumes that we are all capable of staying at home. The US may well be the last country on earth to start to see the end of exponential "death growth" although I'm watching Sweden with interest too. If they start to explode in the next week or two, their "top of the mountain" may be last. Or then again the poorer countries will start to get a big volume of pain in May. Fuck knows. The only certainty to me is that the US and the UK will be the first five members of the 10,000 club whereas the data says that both Italy and Spain will be over the worst imminently, if they're not already.

Remarkable virus. Respect. It moves with maths. I wish it never came of course as there's the relatives and friends of 65,000 grieving just now and it will be in the millions before it's finished. I'm just praying that my family's two front line workers don't get infected. That's a lie. I don't pray, being agnostic. Love and peace and good luck to you and yours.
Off Topic / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Yesterday at 05:20:23 PM »
Update today

Northern Ireland - 1 per 33,607 people
Scotland - 1 per 24,955 people
Wales - 1 per 20,383 people
England - 1 per 14,212 people

708 deaths today being reported in the daily update, including a 5 year old with underlying health issues.

Never good hearing about the deaths of bairns.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: finances
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Yesterday at 05:18:23 PM »
Good news. I think we are lucky having him at the helm at the moment.  I'm not convinced by him, but he does speak a lot of sense and he takes responsibility as our Chairman and rather him at the helm than Milne, especially with what is happening.

Still not sure about renewing out STs though.  :-\
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: finances
« Last post by invernessreds on Yesterday at 05:09:43 PM »
Off Topic / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by tom_widdows on Yesterday at 03:46:18 PM »
Rough current death rates for each part of the UK(based on population not number of infections - whether or not these countries are definetely recording all coronovirus deaths is up for debate)

Northern Ireland - 1 per 39,208 people
Scotland - 1 per 31,616 people
Wales - 1 per 22,262 people
England - 1 per 17,224 people

Update today

Northern Ireland - 1 per 33,607 people
Scotland - 1 per 24,955 people
Wales - 1 per 20,383 people
England - 1 per 14,212 people
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: finances
« Last post by Jute on Yesterday at 02:07:31 PM »
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: finances
« Last post by Jute on Yesterday at 01:43:43 PM »
Cormack to appear on Sportsound today at 2pm with announcement about club.
Off Topic / Re: DT Politics Thread
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Yesterday at 12:58:44 PM »
Kier Starmer voted in as the new Labour leader.

I know little about the guy, but will he be able to get them back to some sort of electable party?

I didn't mind JC he spoke a lot of sense at times, but was clear from the start he would struggle to win over members in his own party let alone convincing the electorate, but did far better than I thought he would. I still think he is a decent person and did so long before he become leader.

I suspect Labour will head back to the right on the policy front, though he has said he would stick to some of Corbyns, including nationalisation of the railways; hich is easy to say with an election over 4 years away.

We really need a opposition party to hold the mop headed buffoon to account as he is a shocking PM and a capable politician on the opposition benches would destroy the man.
Off Topic / Re: 5G
« Last post by rocket_scientist on Yesterday at 11:02:28 AM »
Sorry Rocket, living in the US I can’t watch CNN, an incredibly biased news station. Sad, it used to be my main network until about 5 years ago, but all they do is cry about Trump all day. Don Lemon is a total prick, can’t stand him. And yes, I totally agree, it’s my understanding that 5G is dangerous, the wife has been talking about it for weeks!

One man's bias is another man's truth. I think that the current crisis has extinguished the last straw of any possible doubt concerning the character of Trump, unsurprisingly given that adversity always exposes true character and this assumes there was any doubt left. I can't imagine a more perfect Dunning-Kruger example than him but what I don't get is that his approvals rating is not zero. He is clinically insane. His "joke" about "not that kind of model" yesterday when talking of hundreds of thousands dead didn't just fall flat, it bombed due to being the most crass and disgusting piece of narcissism ever uttered. Not to mention "our stockpile" and "nasty question" (again), the bizarre federal recommendation on face "masks" (scarves) but him going to lengths to say he won't be following the guidelines, all within the last 12 hours!
Off Topic / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by TheDeeDon on Yesterday at 10:34:56 AM »
It all depends if they have given the actual number.
China's population is more than 4 times as much as the USA.
India is the one to look at given they have a population similar to China's with a higher population density however they have only reported 68 deaths

Those figures will need adjusting as they are based on 2018 populations

Got to be a big worry if it really takes hold amongst the poor of India and Pakistan and other poorer nations. Look how much problems it has caused in the so called developed world.

It is just one big mess this whole thing and going to get a lot worse yet.
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