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He's had a depressingly good start manc, no question of that. Lets not get carried away though.
Football Chat / Re: The video assistant referee in Scottish football
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 11:22:04 PM »
It's fucking shite. If McInnes thinks it would have made any difference to the decisions so far this season, he's deluded. It just adds to that fuckiMng pish statement that the club put out the other day about the Devlin case. VAR has fuck all to do with it, and is just as unaccountable as a panel of refs. I suspect McInnes is just having the question thrown at him so he's answering it, but he should have at least listened to what the cunt Doncaster had to say. He didn't say that cost was a barrier at all. He said that it wasn't the number one reason why VAR wouldn't be introduced, the number one reason was that it was shite (see the world cup final) and that it would have made fuck all difference to most of the conentious decisions so far this season. He said, basically, that if it turned out not to be shite after various trials elsewhere in the world then they'd look into the full cost and work from there - basically cost was not the main consideration. As for McInnes' pish about Scottish football being "left behind", that's just idiocy. It just won't have VAR, it's neither behind or in front, just different. If VAR was only being introduced in Glasgow and Edinburgh then AFC would be being left behind, but the notion that the use of VAR in a league that is no way tied to our own has any detrimental effect is just stupid. I could understand him saying that if everyone else was using better fitbas, or better pitch surfaces or enchanced injury treatments or something directly related to performance or player attracting, but VAR is just VAR. Fuckwit.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Aberdeen V Motherwell
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 11:12:04 PM »
why is cosgrove there seriously? what do you see we dont

He's not as shite as May.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Summer Transfer chat
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 11:11:16 PM »
You're not, in all seriousness, suggesting the difference in those games - especially the Scottish Cup semi when the entire team was atrocious - is solely down to Stevie May being signed instead of Moult/AN Other are you?

Yep that's exactly what I was suggesting but not "especially" the Scottish Cup semi; you chose that one as it was the easiest to make your point with, but the other two first and foremost. We were ahead in the tie against Apollon and went to Cyprus completely unable to hold onto the ball up the park. We were fucking about waiting for May to speak to the new PNE manager. We were literally one decent player away from getting into the group stages, it was the key position and we were easily good enough across the rest of the park. If it had been Moult, we'd also have not lost to Motherwell in the league cup. I firmly believe that we'd have built on that in January (we'd certainly have had some cash to) and not made the unacceptably shite purchase of Nwakali on loan for the massively important first team spot in centre mid (another example of where we've got it wrong for an important position by signing a fuckwit). Nor would we have been fucking about with Rooney on the wing as the other striker would have perhaps proven himself in the same way May has proven himself to be not that good. Thus the semi.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Aberdeen V Motherwell
« Last post by ayrshire_don74 on Today at 11:08:25 PM »
why is cosgrove there seriously? what do you see we dont
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Mark McGhee!
« Last post by Kowalski on Today at 10:36:06 PM »
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Summer Transfer chat
« Last post by ayrshire_don74 on Today at 09:05:47 PM »
statement from mcinnes team needs time to settle down.. lack of management.. my comment about naismith being a game changer is standing up a lot of his work wil be on the training ground and in dressing room
I think Ge55ard is going to do quite well with them  :hammer:
Football Chat / Re: The video assistant referee in Scottish football
« Last post by Lencarl on Today at 06:57:05 PM »
Scottish football will be "left behind" if it does not "try to find a way" of bringing in VAR, says Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes.Neil Doncaster says cost is one barrier to introducing video assistant referees in Scotland.But Pittodrie boss McInnes argued that is a "poor, poor reason for not trying to better the situation".
He added: You ask any referee, they would all be in favour of it. A cost thing, I get, but surely we should be trying to find a way rather than just dismissing it.

Get the TV companies to pay for it. They can reduce the EPL money and share some of it out among the other clubs.
Sevco 1 down after 45 seconds  :rofl:

Come on you Yellow Submarines!
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