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  2. I'll take this a step further, and sound like a total prick in the process. I coach for a living and have done all the badges/licenses, and have written papers on this kind of stuff. When you do match analysis you track things like this, and that means you study defenders and their tendencies, specifically defending. If I was to send a scouting report on Aberdeen for say 10 years, I'd target Andy as the defensive weak link. He'd get sucked out of position, unable to get back, dives in because he can't stay with speedy wingers/forwards, over commit in his own penalty box, heavily left sided etc., and under pressure just belts it long. I'd say roughly when he turned 30, maybe 3 years ago, he finally figured it out and, as I said above, it's the opposite of what you say. He's slow and sticking tight is an all or nothing tactic. Now he sits off much more often because he's an older, wiser, smarter defender and for the most part keeps the ball and attacker in front of him. A back 3 has really helped him too as I already mentioned, it's a game changer for Andy at his age. Say what you want about McInnes, and I'm no fan, but he's the 'expert' and there's reasons he's tried to replace Andy over the years. Credit to Andy for sticking it out. But I do add, there's also a reason Andy has been with us for so long, no better offers came in, and for a reason. And I'd say he's one of our cheaper squad players now. But he's a fans favorite and a really nice guy and to many can do little or no wrong. I hate to criticize because you are right in that he's been Mr Consistency of late, the last 2-3 years, and I praise him for pretty much eliminating the silly errors. Ash hasn't got there and may never do so. And I was proud to see Andy play for Scotland, his play over the last few seasons has been rewarded. It killed me to see some other players selected to the Scotland squad before him when we've been so thin on central defenders, and I add Mikey Devlin there!
  3. 100% disagree, he was exactly like Ash, but credit to him he finally learned. Going hard up the arse of players was what was killing him. Endless fouls and getting sucked out of position, then not having the pace to recover. We started to rely on McGinn and the likes as the left mid helping him out far too often. In recent years he’s learned not to dive in/over commit because he gave away endless fouls as mentioned above. He’s been one of our best players in recent years, I’d say last 2-3 been player of the year or close to that, but prior to that he cost us. A lot. So many fans overlook his defensive limitations because he scored a good few goals, including the hat trick, but at left back (where he should never have been) he’d regularly get exposed for his lack of pace. Playing a back 3 has been a huge benefit to him because he doesn’t need to be so tight and follow his man deep, we sit mostly as a flat 3 and the mid picks up a forward dropping deep, and he doesn’t need to be so wide where he gets exposed for a lack of pace because the wing back drops. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been mr consistency of late but much like ash never gets a break from the errors he makes, Andy gets the opposite treatment and all gets forgiven for some reason.
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  5. You've clearly not been to an Aberdeen game in a long time. He was on the road to being our player of the season when he broke his leg midway through a game under Brown around 8-9 years ago. You could see the point in his career at which he finally learned he could use his strength to go hard up the arse of players to make up for his lack of pace. He's been solid and above average in our first team in every single year since that. McInnes has never been able to replace him - despite trying - because he's that dependable (he even came on at left back in place of Shinnie in a game against the Tims as Shinnie couldn't cope). He's never been similar to Ash (or Diamond, to take another that came through at a similar time), as he's always been able to play football and his positioning and reading of the game is ten times better. Under McInnes, any time Considine has struggled it's nearly always down to poor tactical decisions. He got hung out to dry at left of centre numerous times against the Tims for example, which took a long time for McInnes to work out. He's limited his mistakes in a season for a long time now and the only time I hear folk criticising him still are those that decided he was pish more than a decade ago and can't get over the fact he's made himself virtually indispensable to the dons for a long time through immense workrate, commitment to the club and consistency of performance.
  6. Good for a decade? I don’t think so. Check the posts here, I’d say he’s been good the last 3 years maybe. Prior to that he was very similar to big Ash, good games, bad games, goals, but always good for a major fuck up that would cost us. I think we signed Shinnie to replace him, then Greg Leigh, but credit to Considine for eliminating the major errors that had plagued him his entire career. He’s been solid in recent years, but let’s not kid ourselves, he’s the defensive version of Darren Mackie.
  7. Everyone from the Gothenburg team is a legend, I don't see how that can be questioned. Even if a couple of them - one in particular - have had a go at tarnishing that reputation.
  8. If we are set up to play like we did first half then keep Wright on the bench and bring him on second half when we open more as he is more than capable of running at them with the ball and making something out of nothing. I suspect McLennan or Kennedy will be at RWB and Sam will start up front with Hedges supporting allowing us McRorie, Fergie and Mcgeoch (if fit) in the middle. I wouldn't use Ojo in a three if Mcgeoch is not fit. I suspect having no fans at Hampden will suit us more than them too, but will still be a huge ask for us and will have to work harder than we did yesterday to get this one over the line and hope Taylor got his fuck ups out of the way yesterday.
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  10. decision to be made for next week should start with 3 cm mcrorie mcgeoch and fergie.... which means wright/watkins either with cosgrove or edmundson, Mcrorie doesnt work on the right
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  12. Yes, I was just being cheeky. You accidentally put final instead of semi final. Although I was drunk at the semi final.
  13. Its in this video from the club along with a few others. Don't remember him being so animated https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=982317055607539
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  15. Just watched the highlights and have to say that was some run by Wright and pass to hedges which lead to our third. Also a great ball from Watkins to Fergus for our opener. Thought out tactics were pretty spot on today, but I do think McRorie is wasted at right wing back and thought we looked better after Mcgeoch went off. Taylor did as is expect but has to be said they were two great finishes by Celtic for those goals and they hurt us when the exploited that extra space as we were more open at that point. Moving McRorie to the back is the only way to solve it, but he is better in midfield. Sam was unlucky not to score and despite being critical of him, I am looking forward to seeing what he does in this line up. Watching Celtic they are really poor at the back and wouldn't be surprised to see them make a move for Hoban, who despite giving away a pen is clearly our best defender and looks better than anything they currently have. More of the same next week would do nicely with a win at the end please.
  16. This shit needs done. Four years, take a gamble.
  17. In the after match interview McInnes said it was a hamstring issue which doesn't sound promising...hopefully it's just a tightening of the hammie and not a strain. He also said Edmondson took a "sore one"...being bundled in the running track and up against the hoardings would be fairly sore!
  18. Happy days , was following on and off when the boys were awake through the night . Ferguson loves a pen! Bring on next week, should give the team and manager some confidence.
  19. Yes only a penalty without said full house pressure but once more another late, late goal for Lewis Ferguson to secure us another positive outcome.
  20. Just discovered Oscar Peterson recently.Fairly knows how to get around the piano
  21. Bit harsh on Ash to be honest, they're first goal was class, really quick feet from McGregor. Their second was down to McRorie getting drawn in to the ball unnecessarily, leaving his man in acres. Ash obviously partly at fault for both like, he doesn't get off with it, but just not wholly to blame. I have to admit when I was watching the pen I had already blamed Taylor before noticing it was Hoban that gave it away! In terms of the overall approach, I'd say they got a lot less easy ball than in previous games. We pressed them quite well from the start and didn't give them any easy passes. They still moved it around without much difficulty but not in areas that would trouble us. They might as well not have had a left side, nor us a right side as the two largely cancelled each other out. If anything, I'd say Hayes gave frimpong far too much space on their right, sitting way off him. I assume it was tactical, but it was a dangerous approach given Christie was on that side too. They got a number of - thankfully shite - crosses in from there. Cosgrove only played 30 minutes ish, and we didn't really change as Wright came on at the same time. I don't believe it's Cosgrove that makes us play long ball anyway, I think it's the lack of movement in midfield and there is plenty of that when Hedges and Wright are on the pitch. I think we'll see a much better Cosgrove with players in and around him.
  22. I assumed it would be Watkins and Edmondson/Cosgrove, but I suppose it depends on whether Wright starts or not. Watkins took a knock, so might make the decision for us.
  23. Just saw the goals. Poor defending from Ash on both Celtic’s first two goals, then Hoban a little unfortunate on the penalty, although most including me would blast Ash if he gave away that penalty! Two clear penalties for us, and a nice run from Wright with Hedges getting Sam’s rebound. How did we play? Given we scored 3, was it a completely different approach to previous Celtic games, on did we sit in for much of the game? I’m assuming not?? Bbc gave hedges man of the match, but wright to this point has the highest ratings. Good for both of them, their confidence must be sky high these days, although I still feel DM doesn’t seem to manage Wright that well, knowing he’s such a confidence player. BBC also make a comment that sounds like it’s now 17 penalties in a row now. Glad Ferguson took the second one today even though Sam was on the park. He really has huge stones for such a young player. Also sounds like mccrorie had a quiet game? Should give us plenty of encouragement for the semi. Also gives Sam another week to get fitter and, yes, I start him next week. He definitely gives defenders something more to think about, which should allow more space for Wright, Hedges, Hayes etc., although were we more long ball today with Sam back?
  24. If he's fit, he should start. Not sure he will be though. Had three shots on goal when he came on, Edmondson had none and did very little. Cosgrove just a way better player. Still not convinced by Edmondson yet like, despite a good game against accies. He's far from pish though, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if Cosgrove wasn't fit. I'd probably rather Cosgrove came off the bench if he's not fully fit. Once we're three up.
  25. He was a young lad learning the game similar to Anderson in his early years. Considine has been good for about a decade. Once he learned how to use his physical presence he's been good. The entire tenure of both McInnes and Brown, and even for a while under McGhee he was good.
  26. I thought he looked rusty and should have scored when McLennan was brought down for second penalty. I would think that if Edmundson is fit he should get the start.
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