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  2. If he plays well in the next six months, he'll go to the Euros. He seems like a fairly intelligent lad, he's perhaps just very focused on his career and sees it as best path to something better and isn't overly fussed by the Hun element. He doesn't come across as the Hun type in the way that Jack does, he's maybe more like Ryan Fraser in that regard and is just a guy out for himself in a difficult and short career. Unless he performs exceptionally and Gerrard takes him with him post Hun, I'm not sure he won't just hit a glass ceiling at the Hun. I actually think he's better than hagi, and he'd
  3. Middleton is at St Johnstone. Jones just no and not just because he is one of them.
  4. Sickener,the main highlights of our play this season being him and Hedges together.Ach well,fair chance he'll be on the treatment table more often than not tbh. Next... Hopefully get a decent swap,but must also be able to shuffle about what weve got eg, Kennedy(better game v Well further up the pitch),MacLennan? I'm sure he's got something,but he seems too thick to know where it is,Ross at Raith?
  5. I'm honestly not that bothered. He's a talented boy who has been injured for much of his time here. He's not been given consistent playing time in the past because his performances have been inconsistent. I also think he's paper thin and smash him in a tackle and he disappears. He goes to the huns and either gets injured or plays as much as Greg Stewart. I'd like us to try to get a deal done this week where we get Jordan Jones or Middleton in return.
  6. Apparently he's a Don, so very strange decision. Unless the new huns are so obsessed with us that they are the only team willing to pay way over the odds for a continuously injured player and he's willing to risk being sparked out at Perth races and/or made to cry at Soul for a few quid more per week. The only logical explanation as far as I can see, is that he and the rat are lovers. Covid has messed with their trysts and he figures the only way to rekindle their romance is signing for the huns.
  7. We're not selling them Wright, it's a pre-season contract. I'd be completely fine with it if we were selling him.
  8. Just like everyone else, there's another midfield player we thought was shite enough. Stewart, now wright. AFC can fucking do one. what is the point of investing in these players if we just going to sell em once they have a wee bit of form. Huns pop up, i want to beat your team more, let me buy wright of you. Why not sell the fucking first team to them and field 22 players from the fan base. Least they will get a game then.
  9. Really frustrating to see any of our players going to the Rangers, but I agree with whats been said above. We haven't handled his development well so I'm not really surprised Wright doesn't feel particularly loyal to the club. You never know if a player will choose to wind down his contract but if he had been getting regular games and developing surely it would make him think twice. The worst thing is that at the moment he is making the team tick and is an important part of the attractive game we are trying to play.
  10. I blame the parents. Highlights the appalling state of new hun finances. Can't even afford a few grand to prevent the psychological damage likely to be done to the lad. What with him having to worry about potentially being in a team with the rat in 6 months time. Hopefully Considine breaks his leg in his final training session, or even the Aberdeen lad that plays for hibs in the post-split game for 100% deniability, would be best for all concerned.
  11. Frank Lampard punted by Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel reported to be the replacement.
  12. Because he's signed for the huns.
  13. Except we don't. We have some good quality football players like Hedges, Ferguson, Hayes, McGinn as well as guys that are comfortable on the ball whilst putting in a shift like Kennedy (maybe), Considine, Hoban, McLennan, McGeouch, Campbell and some guys who are average players who put in a shift like Taylor, Main etc. It's not just McInnes though, it's the club. There's no strategy there. McInnes has done exceptionally well at winning for us (despite his apparent loser mindset), with no recent manager coming close to the number of wins. However, he often does that by being safe on the pi
  14. so what the fuck were our staff doing? The key question we have low skilled low quality staff and it appears a chasm between the strategy and the man in charge of footballing matters.. loser mindset
  15. Fuck sake. With fans not in the ground, I'd prefer it if we kept him but it's pretty fucking rank. Maybe he'll pick up an injury in his final game. It's a fucking sorry state of affairs like, this should not have happened. Why are we looking at the potential of guys like Ferguson and Gallagher (Mark) but not our own players? Players like Wright are very, very uncommon (if he fulfills his potential). If the huns can recognise it, why couldn't we? I recognised it, so what the fuck were our staff doing? There are certain types of player that you just take risks on. The risk associated with g
  16. AFC confirming that deal is done with pre contract having been signed Wright to remain until season end (at least for the time being) Fear for Tup's mental state now
  17. Livi and St J going to possibly outdo Aberdeen in terms of trophies in recent history....
  18. Press reports suggesting Tribute Act wanting to get Wright deal sorted this week. Apologies for the source. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/scott-wright-set-seal-rangers-23376688
  19. Last week
  20. Livi doing it properly these days, nae like the overspending cheats fae the early century. Very impressive. Hopefully Martindale fails the test in Tuesday and we tank them.
  21. Nae TV = no licence. Highlights here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55788094
  22. As featured on Romesh Ranganathan's christmas special
  23. Sportscene is (or at least was) available on Iplayer
  24. Nae the greatest clip but https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12196735/aberdeen-2-0-motherwell
  25. Missed the game yesterday,sounded a bit more like it apart from the striking dept.Cant find any highlights if someone has some?
  26. This. His movement was excellent, going beyond the ball and falling in deep, and he also looks solid enough. I hope we give him much more game time between now and the end of the season.
  27. Better performance yesterday than last week. Thought Kennedy was standout for us. Probably one of his best games for Dons and don’t think it’s any coincidence that it was in a game where he was played further forward. Agree with Rico on Wright that we will struggle to replace him from within the squad. Unless we are offered cash for him in this window I would rather see him play out his contract with us. I know it was only 5 minutes against 10 men but thought Virtanen looked decent in his limited time on the field. Would rather we went with him than give anymore game time to Ojo.
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