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  2. Playing it out from the back was clearly a team instruction today but the players need to have enough game intelligence to know when not to do it. It was clear today that they don't and it ended up with us being in all types of pressure, in the first half particularly. We were much better in the second half, after Hornby replaced Kamberi, who should never be played as a lone striker. Kennedy and McGinn, who mistifyingly got subbed when he was pulling the strings, are worthy of mention for their second half performances. Overall, a decent 3 points which we sorely needed.
  3. Squeeky bum timer at both ends of the table Rules: 1. One name per points tally for the season, first come first served! 2. Only allowed to change prediction until closure of January transfer window as along as it is to an empty tally. 74 - MBT 73 72 71 70 69 68 - danthedon 67 - RicoS321 66 - Manc_don 65 64 - Wee Toon Red 63 62 - BigAl 61 60 - Jute 59 58 - Elgindon 57 (fourth place & European
  4. A half decent second half performance. A much better shape, Hayes and McGinn and even Kennedy performed much better around Hornby. All their opportunities in the second half came from us trying to play out unnecessarily. Took until the 89th minute for Lewis to go long from a goal kick as he'd clearly been told to go short every single time. McKenzie caught a couple of times. He looked good defensively and going forward but giving him the ball under pressure with no out ball wasn't clever. It's stupid stuff like, it's fine to play it out from the back if you're quick about it, but don't w
  5. Games come alive and a goal from open play !!!! I can take my head out of the oven for the 2nd half.
  6. It's not playing out that's the issue, it's doing it every single time when you're already under pressure. Lovely goal, great play by the two wingers. Good start to the half. Hornby already done more than Kamberi.
  7. I'm not against playing out. You see it in Germany every week. We just don't seem to have the ability to do it properly despite having an abundance of holding midfielders who should be collecting the ball and turning.
  8. Yep, terrible stuff so far, look like we'll be our own downfall with the championship manager pish from the back. Saints should just allow the first pass from Lewis and then close down quickly from there. Hopefully Hornby can manage a half. Kamberi and McGinn not working.
  9. That was the brutal first half that I sadly expected. We must be the only team in history to have no new manager bounce. Flat as fuck.
  10. Kennedy has already embarrassed himself twice. McCart has him in his pocket already.
  11. If love to analyse our stats this season. I'd be surprised if Joe hasn't had the most touches in the squad.
  12. Cannae disagree min. Shame really, as the live chat used to be really good years ago on a Saturday if you couldn't make the game.
  13. Its grim in there Not quite as grim was watching 10mins of the game and not being able to recall a single dons pass inside the st johnstone half
  14. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/77300/St_Johnstone_vs_Aberdeen.html
  15. Assuming this isnt free on Red TV for ST holders (doesnt say on AFC site)?.Nae sure I want to pay to watch a St J game
  16. That or 4-5-1 but has to be a 4 at the back surely?
  17. 4-4-2? McRorie at right back? Not sure how both Hayes and McKenzie fit in otherwise.
  18. Griffiths will be out of contract unless Celtic trigger an extension clause entitling him to another year on £20k per week. So either he’s available for free or Celtic would be choosing to subsidise about 75% of his future wages for a rival club. Seems unlikely.
  19. Shows you how dumb 'Brits' are with all the condolences. Ask any of them (especially Brexit voters) if they would give money towards a racist foreigner to go on 22,000 holidays where you would get absolutely zero personal benefit and see the irate reaction. Fuckwits.
  20. If that's in Wellington they'll probably hit someone at the top of the city.
  21. tup1

    Celeb Deaths

    He will already have taken on a new host, one of the younger members of the family, probably William's loon. He will probably attend his own funeral.
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